Rogosi Manor

If you wish to feel the time stopping either by yourself or with your good friends and be nurtured by the positive energy of an old manor, make a stop at Rogosi Manor – the place for good deeds and thoughts. 

Rogosi Manor Guest House will accommodate you,

Rogosi Manor Kitchen will make sure you have hearty meals and a table full of food fit for a party; and the past, present and future of the Manor will be introduced to you by the Rogosi Manor Museum. 

Rogosi Manor Training and Recreational Centre LEARN TO REST! will help you organize trainings, seminars; summer, autumn, winter and spring retreats, and other recreational activities.

Address: Ruusmäe küla, Haanja vald, 65102 Võrumaa
Telephone: +372 505 1547
GPS:  27°5’15” E, 57°38’9” N
Fax: +372 782 4405

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